by Urvashi Rao

Vertical Garden of Kitchen Scraps

After my weekend kitchen shopping I looked around the kitchen and had loads of packaging material lying around. Egg cartons, mango cardboard box, an oval cookie plastic cover, ribbons and shiny wrappers. Not too far away I saw my garden lush green and pretty, but the wall stood blank white. I needed a vertical garden and the materials were lying in front of me.

How I made it? I cut the card board box as a base shaping an oval in it to fix my cookie oval cover. This served as my planting container to which I added pebbles for show and potting mix for my plants to grow. I fit the cookie box in the cardboard backed by a plastic sheet to retain water and to protect the cardboard from water. On top of the oval I made two holes to hang this with a ribbon. So contrary to the appearance the oval is holding the weight and not the cardboard alone.

To decorate the frame, I cut out egg cartons to bend and make it into a bird. I stuck some bird feathers lying around the park and painted it. To give the rock effect, I painted rock shaped cardboard cut outs and stuck it. The background is painted to look like water and grass and stuck some shinny pieces of wrapper as other decoration. You can hang this anywhere however since cardboard could get damaged in the rain I have hung it in my garden patch where there is a overhead shade.

To make the butterflies I have simply cut out the card board in butterfly shapes and painted it. When the wind blows the butterflies appear to flap their wings!

You could also make several of these with different designs and hang it up to make a full fledged garden wall (at least that’s my plan).



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