by Nadine Schmoll

Vinyl Bowls

These bowls are a blast from the past! Made from pre-loved vinyl records, they are great for holding loose change, keys, coins and other odds and end.

Vinyl Bowls 1 • Accessories
Vinyl Bowls 2 • Accessories


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I made many of these a few years back as teacher gifts for my kids teachers. We also added some homemade mints!

Heather Sunderland via Facebook
Heather Sunderland via Facebook

These are ace

Jayne Tomlinson
Jayne Tomlinson

I have some of these up for sale if anyone is interested. They funky and fun.

Anthony Orenzi

really easy to do !!!

Luminous Creation

They make great gift baskets! ;)

Måry Jønquille

Haha the best productor is Rozenn Boleis Boraud !

Rozenn Boleis Boraud

Thank you Marie, the gift is coming , it will be free for you !

Denise Mayer

Note to my children : Touch my records, and I will quite cheerfully rip your arms off ! Have a nice Christmas…

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