Read between the signs

Initiated in 2002, this ongoing roadside intervention is located along Route 322 at the gateway to Meadville.  Read Between the Signs (RBTS)  involves the design and fabrication of a 1200′ x 9′ sculptural relief made of discarded road signs and featuring solar- and wind-powered kinetic components.  RBTS is attached to an existing chain link fence surrounding PennDOT’s storage lot and depicts images and forms that reference the Allegheny Mountains, the French Creek watershed, roads, PennDOT workers, farms and forests. This sculptural “fence” beautifies the gateway to Meadville, while creating a unique sense of place and identity for our community. Since 2002  RBTS has evolved into a participatory community-based public art project led by Arts & Environment Initiative Director and artist Amara Geffen. It also has become a landmark for the Meadville community.

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  1. Sue - October 15, 2010

    Great Job! I’ve actually seen this while driving down to Meadville. The sign factor is more incredible in person. Signs such as these on the PennDOT fence could be used all around the country to make some of those storage areas come alive. Hope the project continues around the country. Amara you’ve done it again with great gusto! Thanks for making Meadville “beautiful”.

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