Spectacular Dead Computers Room Installation !

Marek Tomasik, born in 1976 in Świecie, Poland is a graphic artist, a sculptor, a space – time continuum compositor and a street actor. Since 1998 a press illustrator (he’s made more than 1000 illustrations in main Polish newspapers and magazines). He was twice a laureate of international press design ‘Chimera’.

Since he was 4 he’s been taking up sculpture.  He’s last sculpture is installation which is situated in historical castle in Świecie, Poland. It’s called “You sometimes have to be open”. It’s a room 5m width x 4m length and 4,5m high.

The artist’s made it for almost 3 years of dead computers, wood and pallets. He treats those abandoned and waste objects as some kind of our reality notes. A kind of jotting which are written unconsciously by human beings in passing of their true life. “You sometimes have to be open” is one part of much bigger art world.

You can have a look to the installation with the pictures and video below, but you MUST go on Marek Tomasik website to see the interactive 3D panorama of the installation, spectacular !

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  1. An carol - June 7, 2011

    Incredible idea that i can’t image how it bring or standfor …..

  2. Florent Bidois via Facebook - June 7, 2011

    Ca fait très Lady GaGa ! ^^

  3. TJ Titus - June 8, 2011

    What fun!

  4. Lince Radzeviciute via Facebook - June 8, 2011

    that looks so creepy :)

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