Cervantes Chandelier recycled oak wine barrel

Our stunning Cervantes chandelier is made with reclaimed oak wine barrel’s staves and metal hoop, all recycled from discarded French barrels, reinvented into this elegant and unique pendant ceiling light. Cervantes’ oak staves are stained with a rich golden color on the inside, while the outside shows the rich reddish color left by the wine previously held in the barrel, creating a striking two tones effect. The staves’ ends are smoothened to add softness to the silhouette, but still show the original groove of each barrel’s plank. The metal hoop is painted with a satin black color that complements the black steel of the inner light. Customization on the colors is available on request.
Cervantes can be included as an extraordinary and unique piece of home or winery decor, integrated into any style of interior design from the rustic to the more contemporary. The length of the chain/cord can be adjusted for your interior design needs or be taken an advantage of in grand entryways, halls and high ceiling rooms. Cervantes’ measurements are: 30” height of the chandelier plus 3’of the length of electrical cord and chain; about 25” in diameter at its wider point.

++ More information at Still Novo Design on ETSY !
Idea sent by Camilla Pistilli !

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  1. Garbage - Vos poubelles ont du talent via Facebook - July 31, 2011

    That’s too much … Just the kind of thing you could find, half greasy, in old rural French restaurants :-(

  2. Sonia Contreras Toledo via Facebook - August 2, 2011

    John P. Morgan you must see this one!!!!!!!!!!

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