Re-used ceramics

I get the demonstrators ceramics among sellers. I cut and re-cut them and let my imagination work! Result: I have unique floors like no other one and I am happy and garbage too!

passage S-G low

Idea sent by Moffatt Nancy !

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  1. Syclyc - July 7, 2011

    I totally love it! I just made a solar water fountain out of found tiles. We have a place here that collects all kinds of scrap material and I make it into stuff. It’s a blast! Thank you for the inspiration your work is beautiful!

  2. elly - July 7, 2011

    Hey. I do this too. I love it have done my kitchen floor and hallway w recycled tile. Am going to gut bathroom and actually whole house eventually. I love walking on art. Nice to meet a kindred.

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