The Archi-Lamp

This lamp is made from recycled cardboard ! Just have to add the wires and bulb and it works !

Dimensions : 70cm x 55cm x 18cm

You can see more cardboard lamps and furnitures at Sebo-Carton website !


Idea sent by Guyon Sébastien !

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  1. Sébastien GUYON - November 29, 2011

    this lamp was inspired by Taf Architects

  2. Senner Maciej M via Facebook - November 29, 2011

    it works now and it will be burning soon.. totally fire un-safely. electrical- engineering fail.

  3. Senner Maciej M via Facebook - November 29, 2011

    of course – every light source (even LED diodes) warm up during work. so – try to put in this lamp normal or halogen bulb [in appropriate size] turn it on and wait. temperature of bulb’s filament it about trom 2500K to 3000K = 2227 ‘C to 2727 ‘C. cardboard will start burn after several minutes. compact fluorescent lamp is not good too, because it’s electronic circuit warm up to about 80 ‘C – still dangerous. with LED source it depends how much it will warm up (after long work) – from 50 ‘C to 120’C – but it’s still dangerous in this lamp.
    every electrician will say: that this lamp is too dangerous to use.
    [sorry for my english]

  4. Amy Newberg via Facebook - November 29, 2011

    Maybe only use LED bulbs?

  5. Sébastien GUYON - November 29, 2011

    i’m sorry but i made this lamp and i use it very often. And i’m still alive and not carbonized ! 😉

    As many lamps (, it warms up a little but as much as paper lamps or other kinds. If you take the right kind of bulb it’s ok ! and the lampshade is widely open in order to let the heat diffusing

    If you don’t like my work it’s your choice ! Many customers never complained and enjoy my lamps ! If you don’t know about cardboard furniture and its physics, please inform yourself!

    Best regards

  6. Larry MacCaskill - November 30, 2011

    The fact that your lamp hasn’t self-combusted is hardly a guarantee someone else won’t make one with a far-too-high wattage bulb and burn their house down. I’d seriously hate to have something like that on my conscience. Cardboard is a surprisingly sturdy material for building all sorts of things but for items that have to tolerate high temperatures… hardly! IF you use a small bulb and IF you provide plenty of room around it for heat dissipation, you can get away with things like this but it’s hardly a safe idea. Suggesting a project like this to people who may not put the thought into it
    that you have, without repeatedly stressing (or even mentioning) the fact, is irresponsible at the very least.

  7. CrisLondon - November 30, 2011

    2 forms of possibly improving this great design: 1) Cover the inside surface of the bulb cup with an isolating component based on asbestos dust. This may help avoiding “spontanous combustion” 2) Redesign the cup with a parabolic shape to disperse heat from the center of the bulb and generate even more light field. I hope these two suggestions may work alright.

  8. Justine Landais via Facebook - November 30, 2011

    I DO love your work, congratulations ! :-) Cardboard furniture is still unfortunately quite unknown by many people but the solidity and the water- and air- tightness of this free waste material will soon be appreciated by eveyone ! I’m convinced that corrugated cardboard is one of the ideal environmentally-friendly building materials of the future ! Many British designers, like Giles Miller, designed a wide range of cardboard fireproof lamps like you ( But I DO like your personal patterns, such as the oriental one ! :-) Good job !

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