Snow Ski Fence

Fence made from old snow ski. My Dad came up with this idea and made it in his back yard.

Snow Ski Fence in diy  with Ski fence DIY
Snow Ski Fence in diy  with Ski fence DIY

Idea sent by Brian Agee !

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  1. Carol - January 30, 2012

    you know somethings only for some where This absolutely see Very Beautiful .

  2. Nora - January 31, 2012

    This is not new! We got an even more spectacular at Skistadion in Lillehammer, Norway! Made from differet types of ski and age.

  3. Neokentin - January 31, 2012

    @ Nora, we never say it is new…we already put idea like this one made with old ski ! Could you send us a picture of your more spectacular ski fence in Norway ?

  4. Heather Cecil via Facebook - February 4, 2012

    Love this!

  5. Felecia Berg via Facebook - March 29, 2012

    I think this would look so cute in front of a sporting goods store.

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