Dragon of scrap metal

I made this sculpture after I cleaned out the basement. Got loads of metal out of it and decided to make a dragon. I ended up searching for more scrap metal because I ran out of mine. It includes car parts, shovels, pipework, gas tanks and other stuff. Never made a plan, it was all in my head. It measures 2,36 meters high and 2,45 meters in width and length. It took me 2 years on and off work. Now it stands in the backyard, I’m still searching for a nice spot where he shines in his magnificents.


++ More information at Janovich Dragons and Art facebook page !
Idea sent by Jan Steutelings !

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  1. Dala Luz via Facebook - February 12, 2012


  2. Beth Chepote via Facebook - February 12, 2012

    I would LOVE to have that guarding my yard!!!!

  3. Taria Lorehand - December 23, 2012

    I know where it can look it’s best, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY APARTMENT DOOR!!! gimme gimme gimme!!!!

  4. Jenny Francis via Facebook - February 10, 2013

    if i knew how to work with metal, i would try to make a fairy sculpture! the dragon wings inspire me, and i like dragons and fairies in the same realm!

  5. Ken Barkus
    Ken Barkus - June 30, 2015

    That is really well done, I like that.

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