Ceramic Cup Succulent

Ceramic class at the local community college and high school means amazing pieces will be found at the local thrift store after the semester is over. People in ceramics classes make some beautiful work, and often times make it for a grade and get rid of it, for me, I love to make ceramics, and also love to buy them at the thrift store. I found this beautiful light purple cream cup for 50 cents, a simple little succulent plant holder for my home office desk, easy to make, perfect for home decor or gifts!


Submitted by: Kim Franklin !

Who is trashycrafter?

Trashy Crafter was born in July 2011 when Kim and her Mom Helen were at a local thrift store. They loved to go to thrift shops, and one day while at the thrift store they noticed hundreds of damaged and outdated books being thrown away. Some books were missing covers, some had ripped pages, and many were scribbled in with pens or crayons. No one was buying this books, so they were to be thrown out, and that broke their hearts…. So they grabbed as many books as they could and took them home. They had to do something useful with all of the books. Kim remembered that she had learned how to make paper beads by her 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Byant. So she began to experiment on how best to roll the beads, and turn them into beads. She made some bracelets and started wearing them around, they would always get compliments, so she thought, why not make some for other folks to wear and enjoy, at that moment Trashy Crafter was born!

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