Hello Halloween: 14 Ideas to Upcycle Into Creepy Things

As Halloween approaches, why spend a lot of decorations that you’ll only have on display a few weeks before it’s time to pack them away again? Instead, put on your creative – or – creepy caps and start making upcycled Halloween Things!

Beware the things that go bump in the night of Halloween, like these ideas:

Turn doll parts into magnificent and spooktacular Face Sculptures.

Halloween 2017 will be even creepier with an idea like this doll parts facial sculpture in the shape of Medusa.
How many doll parts can you identify? Now put this amazing sculpture in a dark window… Spooky!

Use this Doll Chandelier as inspiration for your frightening front porch decor!

When your kid grows out of the dolls, put them to good use in a chandelier.
This Doll Chandelier could be year-round decor if you choose.

All Hail The Scorpio-Doll!

Stack babydoll bodies one on top of another, using the arms as the legs of the centipede, and you've got a creepy sculpture for Halloween 2017.
Best use of leftover doll bodies we’ve seen in a while!

Have an ugly old sweater? Turn it into the cutest Halloween Monster Plushie ever!

Turn ugly sweaters into adorable monsters. Perfect for Halloween 2017.
Now that ugly sweater that was hiding in the back of your closet is put to GOOD use.

Have the kids help make a Cardboard Halloween Town!

This spooky Cardboard Halloween Town is a great idea for your Halloween 2017 decor!
This Halloween 2017 Idea is spooky and simple to create! Perfect to involve the kiddies because of the simplicity!

Have the coolest pumpkin on the block with this Mustachioed-Mystery!

Add to your Halloween 2017 decor with this mustached pumpkin!
Who is that mustached vegetable?


Make an easy Halloween 2017 themed sign like this string Boo sign.
You know we scared you.


This pair of cardboard bats are perfect for the kids to make for Halloween 2017.
Start saving up those cardboard toilet paper rolls now!

Make a set of Ghoulish Ghosts Earrings!

For Halloween 2017, upcycle plastic to make these cute ghost earrings.
Make upcycled plastic earrings for Halloween.

Here’s an easy idea for the kids to help with – upcycle leaves into mini-ghosts!

Hello Halloween: 14 Ideas to Upcycle Into Creepy Things 10 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
Spooktacularly cute!

Make a Paper Mache Pumpkin Centerpiece!

This paper mache pumpkin would do double duty as both Halloween 2017 and Thanksgiving 2017 projects.
Create a paper mache pumpkin, and use it for more than one holiday!

Make Jug-O’-Lanterns!

Light up your Halloween 2017 with these lit up Jug-o-lanterns.
This project is a fast and easy project that anyone can do!

Horrifying Hot-Glue Spiders are a fun addition to your Halloween Decor.

The only spiders you wont want to step on - these hot glue spiders are perfect for Halloween 2017.
Where is my hot glue gun?!?

Soothe your nerves after the spooky ideas with these sweet pumpkins!

These cheery pumpkins will last much longer than carved ones since they are left intact. Theyre painted any way you want for Halloween 2017.

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