10 Easy Upcycled Christmas Decor Ideas You Can Make!

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we all love to shower our loved ones with beautiful gifts. Additionally, the anticipation as we decorate our homes with gorgeous Christmas Decor is part of the fun! But, if we can accomplish both while saving money AND upcycling, everyone wins!

Here are 10 EASY ideas for Christmas Decor & gifts that you can make or just buy if you’re too busy!

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Enjoy and then Spread The Joy!

Toast the holidays with your loved ones and upcycle the empty bottles. Spread the joy twice with this idea!

Spread joy with your Christmas Decor by upcycling wine bottles and decorating them with stencils, jute, and paint.

Crunch it and Make A Star!

Just hang them high enough that your pets won’t snuffle and lick them all day, haha! Turn those empty snack bags into unique and humorous holiday ornaments or even earrings!

Turn old Doritos bags into holiday stars for your tree. A humorous Christmas Decor idea for that snacker in your family.

A partridge in a pear tree?

This charming upcycled wool bird doesn’t need a tailor or seamstress to create. Make some of these simple decorations with your family while listening to some holiday music!

Add an upcycled, handmade wool bird to your Christmas Decor.

On Comet, on Cupid!

Pop the top but don’t throw away the bottle caps. Instead, upcycle them into a pair of earrings that’ll make everyone smile!

Christmas Decor also includes your wardrobe. Celebrate the holidays with a set of reindeer earrings made from upccyled bottle caps.

Another great Christmas Decor idea: Read it and hang it!

Turn old magazines (or even junk mail!) into cute hanging ornaments. Another idea that’s perfect for the whole family to make!

Turn magazines into holiday ornaments to upcycle while making unique Christmas Decor.

Save the sentiment!

Upcycle those holiday cards from previous years, or save those beautiful cards you receive for years to come with these holiday card ornaments. Grab the kids and have some fun!

Upcycle old Christmas cards into charming Christmas Decor ideas.

Angels among us

Upcycle old beads and wire into holiday ornaments like this little angel. Make any shape you want! This idea can be used for package decorations too!

This upcycled wire and bead angel will be a charming Christmas Decor addition to your home.

Grab your balls and start decorating!

Update those boring holiday baubles that get scratched and scuffed over time. Cover them with any upcycled materials, wrapping papers, ribbons, bows, and more!

Upcycle old round glass holiday ornaments by covering them with fabric, ribbon, beads and more. A charming Christmas Decor idea.

Light it up!

WANT! Every year we drag out the lights, and inevitably we have to replace some bulbs. Now you have a brilliant idea for holiday ornaments or sweet earrings!

Christmas Decor includes upcycled holiday light bulb earrings.

I want to ride my bicycle!

Show the love you have for cycling with this unique tree-shaped bicycle chain ornament.

This bicycle chain tree-shaped ornament is a perfect addition to your Christmas Decor.

Have you ever seen a wall of water bottles?

We hope that these Christmas Decor ideas inspire you to upcycle your holidays! From all of us at Recyclart.org, we wish you a joyous, safe, and memorable holiday season!

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