10 Fabulous Ideas for Your Home Décor Made from Concrete Blocks

Those who know us probably know that we are huge fans of simple upcycling & recycling and upcycling a cement block is really easy and can give a nice touch to your home décor, especially when mixed with wood. Cement blocks are great materials to work with, and they have a very affordable price, near to nothing if you have some leftover.

Here are ten super cute ideas of decorations with concrete blocks, for example, on a terrace, you could do some planters or seats, and in your interior, they can be used to make tables, furniture & more…

Garden decoration made from multiple cement blocks (source)
Beautiful entertainment center made from six concrete blocks and two wood planks (source)
A simple nightstand with 3 cement blocks, easier will be difficult :) (source)
Little garden pot holders or stools or mini coffee tables made from small cement blocks & painted with bright colors (source)
Cement blocks used as feet for wooden shelves (source)
TV stand/entertainment center from 3 cement blocks (1 and a half for each side) and two wooden planks (source)
A simple desk with cement blocks and a wooden plank, the inside of the cement blocks could be used as little decorating shelves (source)
Coffee table with small cement blocks & painted wooden planks (source)
Small herbs planters for your garden, directly fill the inner part of the cement blocks with soil (source)
Small cement blocks as feet for a side table (source)

So, will you look to cement blocks differently now? You can find some of them for free easily, and you should think twice about them as they could bring this nice industrial touch to your interior design.

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Tami Von Zalez
Tami Von Zalez

Nothing screams “I am in college” more than using concrete blocks for interior design.
(Just giving you a hard time) – I do like the idea of using them for small herbs.

Jane Clark

I would definitely keep primary paint handy for these :)

Deborah Jenft-Mauck-Bunting
Deborah Jenft-Mauck-Bunting

The entertainment center has a wow factor done on the cheap!

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