Diy: Upcycled Broken China Vase Into Keychain


If you’ve ever broken an old dish ou loved, here is another way to repurpose it and keeping parts of it at the same time with the souvenir !

++ Complete tutorial here

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Meg Tipton Starstuff via Facebook
Meg Tipton Starstuff via Facebook

I’d cut my hand on that, not the best idea.

Patricia Celeste-Detaix via Facebook
Patricia Celeste-Detaix via Facebook

Il faut poncer

Shirley Moose Filer via Facebook
Shirley Moose Filer via Facebook

Unless it was smoothed down very well, it would certainly wear a hole in your pocket.

Don't Toss It via Facebook

Great idea – the step by step tutorial provided was very easy – I’m gonna try it. :)

Geri Johnson via Facebook

No worries ladies! She used a silicone carbide grinding stone attachment in her rotary tool kit to grind down all the sharp edges. :D

Cristella Alexander via Facebook

Whew! I was concerned about those sharp edges, Nothing slices quicker than broken ceramics. So quick ya don’t notice until ya notice all the blood.



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