1920’s German Light Bulb Voltage Tester Upcycled Into A Bar

At Recyclart, we are big fan of steampunk design aesthetic and this bar directly coming from the 1920’s is one of the best we ever seen. Originally it was a German light bulb voltage tester machine that has been ingeniously repurposed as a bar cart to shelter spirits, wine bottles and hanging glassware. With it’s antique iron finish and spherical shape, it will perfectly fit in an industrial-style decoration such as a loft.
In the 1920’s when light bulbs were new on the market, Germans required the use of these bulbous contraptions to test light bulb voltage. Nearly a century old, this 1920’s light bulb voltage tester was salvaged from a rundown factory in Germany. Spruced up with shelving and polished to perfection, the 1920’s light bulb voltage tester was then given a second life as an ultra stylish home bar cabinet.
What do you think of this huge piece ?







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Maciej Senner

it’s Ulbricht’s sphere (integrating sphere) to light sources’ lught flux metering, NOT voltage metering [?!]


This is actually a replica and not an actual 1920’s object. The price would be prohibitive to say the least. Restoration Hardware very clearly states that their bar is “•Inspired by an early 20th-century light bulb voltage tester discovered in a factory in Germany”. So while the design is great and I would personally love to have this in my home, it would be with the understanding that I am not buying a piece of reclaimed history.

Reply to  Debra

i have two one them, one is now for sale date 3/6/21 fi******@ou*****.com

Lynn Williams
Lynn Williams
Reply to  matt

Would you be willing to sell one? How much?

Sayed Esmail
Sayed Esmail
Reply to  Lynn Williams

I have one for sale – in the UK , available for immediate purchase – email me at sa********@ho*****.com

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