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30+ Ways of Reusing Wooden Pallets In Your Kitchen

1001Pallets.com is a website dedicated to wooden pallets upcycling, recycling & repurposing. You can find thousands of recycling ideas with pallets, and we've made a little selection devoted to the kitchen universe. We found 30+ very neat pallet ideas for reusing wooden pallets in YOUR kitchen at 1001Pallets and, if you need more ideas, visit them ;)

Reusing Wooden Pallets as shelves & hanging supports

Clever and simple! Just remove the back deck boards and then mount the pallet from the ceiling (or against the wall). Install some cup hooks, and your utensils are easily at hand!

Fun idea - a rustic backdrop to highlight an eclectic collection of plates and serving ware. Reusing Wooden Pallets can be pretty easy and fun!

Need storage? Easy - make some from pallets!

Here's another smart idea: build a pallet wood spice rack!

More clever storage solutions in any room - but this is brilliant in the kitchen using wooden pallets!

Another easy Reused Pallet Wood Spice Rack.

A gorgeous idea that would make a wonderful hostess gift!

How about a mini herb garden?

A handy multi-purpose pallet - turn a pallet on the side, add a shelf and several cup hooks, and you've got a multi-function pallet kitchen idea!

Pallets can be refined, too. You don't always have to leave them "rustic." Sand them smooth, paint them, stain them, and carve them to your needs and get gorgeous looks fit for any decor!

Reusing Wooden Pallets recycled into A Stunning Kitchen Island

WOW - you wouldn't guess this was pallet wood, would you?

Here's a more casual and relaxed Kitchen Island made by reusing wooden pallets!

Make a handy kitchen island that's mobile!

Make a place to eat on the run with this pallet kitchen island with a raised bar section! GORGEOUS!

Big, Rustic and eye-catching - this kitchen island is a feature of this kitchen!

Reusing Wooden Pallets into kitchen bar & counter-top!

Make yourself a custom coffee bar with upcycled pallets! Would be great for the home or at the office!

30+ Ways of Reusing Wooden Pallets In Your Kitchen Recycled Pallets Wood & Organic
Wine cellar, bar & shelf from recycled pallets

A beautiful countertop or a pallet bar - depending on what you need. Pallets are that versatile!

A pallet counter and pallet-clad backdrop!

Pallets can complement a modern kitchen too!

Pallets reused as kitchen trolley

Make a mobile serving cart or trolley with pallets too! Makes those large family gatherings or barbecues easy!

Add a rich stain, and your trolley can become anything you want. This one has a handy wine serving tray on the side.

With our busy lives, mobile kitchen carts can make hosting a party a lot easier!

Kitchen entirely made from recycled pallets

Pallets can be accent pieces... or an entire kitchen. Talk about saving some money AND creating a unique style!

A stunning outdoor kitchen!

Kitchen counter and dividing wall.

Another stunning kitchen refaced with pallet wood!

Another stunning kitchen refaced with pallet wood!

Extend your kitchen workspaces with pallet wood.

Want more ideas made from repurposed wooden pallets for your kitchen? You should visit 1001Pallets; they have a section on their website dedicated to kitchen universe!

Have you made some shelves, bar, island, counter-top... with recycled pallets for your kitchen? Share them with us!

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Amy Johnson…your creative!

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Hi, I allows me to put a link to one of my creations: a kitchen table.

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mycket bättre pallet i usa än i sweden

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Incrível!! Apoio todas as idéias de reutilização de materiais…podemos tirar alguns exemplos para nossa casa…o que acha?

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Barb McWethy

Do you have any pics of a dining table made from pallets? My husband was talking about it as an idea.

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Dawn Dramis Hughes, this made me think of you.

Meble z palet sklep
Meble z palet sklep

great ideas for furniture from pallets. tx.

Meble z palet sklep
Meble z palet sklep

check it our here as well

Alise Harper
Alise Harper

I had no idea that there were so many things you can do with wooden pallets. I absolutely love the look of making a dish display out of a pallet. I think this looks so cool to have the white walls and the wood and the colorful plates. I hope I can have something like this in my house! Thanks for the great Ideas! https://www.halfpricepallets.com.au/pallets

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