Diy: How to Make a Copper Penny Floor?

By BJT2019

Want a floor that will stun your guests and really wow your friends? Try a copper penny floor! Use beautifully shiny pennies and create the ultimate recycled floor from all your old change. Read about it here!

Rusty Mezzaluna Rescue – Antique Rusty Double Knife Restoration

By Neokentin

When something is broken, most people will throw it away. I want to show you that a better idea is to use your hands and common tools to repair the […]

Please Pass the Salt Shaker Upcycled Window Valance

By pattysgreenart

Make an OOAK window valance with Grandma’s salt shakers and old beaded necklaces.

Upcycled Rain Gutter Shelf Stores Kitties / Chats De Gouttières

By sylvie

We built this Upcycled Rain Gutter initially as a sun-drenched place to put our plants during the winter. However, we’ve found that it makes an excellent place to store those […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Reducing Kitchen Energy Consumption

By HeatherStiletto

Part of the upcycling movement is the concept of reducing one’s “carbon footprint.” One easy way to do so is to reduce the amount of energy you’re using. The most […]

Upcycled Kitchen Mirror Makes Room Look Huge!

By PJ1Priestley

free wood from the trash cans of the local hardware store. 12 dollars worth of mirrors from the dollar store, free shelf from House of Charity that was going to be thrown away.

1950’s Fridge Becomes Excellent Wine Cellar / Frigo Des Années 50 Cave à Vins

By Bebert

We transformed an old 1950’s Fridge into a gorgeous and functional Wine Cellar. We applied a rust patina, and built wood shelves inside. Make your own Wine Cellar from an […]

Cute Kitchen Family Using Upcycled Household Products

By Igloo

Remember when you were a child and your parents use to lift you with their arms?

Upcycled Wood Shelving Unit Has Copper Towel Rack

By Neokentin

I made this Upcycled Wood Shelving Unit with pallet wood as the shelves. The white frame is upcycled wood from a 1960’s coffee table. Upcycle it – don’t throw it […]

Don’t Throw It Away! Transform Your Kitchen Instead!

By Neokentin

Thinking of giving your kitchen a facelift? Known for being one of the most commonly used rooms in the home, the kitchen can frequently need to be spruced up or […]

Recycled Christmas Photobooth

By Neokentin

We made this Christmas Photobooth using pallet wood for the “kitchen”, corn husk for the flower, and plastic bottle for the “glass wall”.

Pallet Coffee Bar

By Ronja Lotte

As a passionate coffee junkie, I have built myself a coffee bar out of pallets for my studio. Coffee+Upcycling+free=perfection!

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