5 Creative Ways To Reuse Wooden Rulers In Your Home Decoration

Often, simple objects can be used as interior decoration and as an economic option to decorate your house. Today I suggest five different & creative ways to upcyle a simple wooden ruler into an ornamental object.

  1. Transform an old lamp using glue or silicone and old wooden rulers to make the lampshade. This lamp fits country, rustic decorations, but also in a modern loft…
  2. For this one, you only need a piece of wood, some old wooden rulers and decorative hooks to create this coat hanger for your entrance, or for you living room or even bedroom.
  3. Transform a simple table, covering the surface completely with wooden rulers (glue them together). The table could be used as a men bedroom nightstand, or as game table to a boyish nursery.
  4. A panel made from pieces of wooden rulers and place instead of … tiles on the wall! Add two classic tables hardly and met someone on a food preparation area and create a unique style, cheap and chic!
  5. A perfect and economical idea to … add the aesthetic level of a simple wooden stairs to the wooden rulers in the vertical part of the stairs! Often found in traditional houses, stairs are often visible from the main part of the house, let’s make them interesting and special without replacing them.







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Really great ideas! Now I know what I can use my old table top for. Thanks.
(I think paragraph #4 needs editing. Did not make sense & the 5th picture down does not show what it’s supposed to?)

Joyce wilson
Joyce wilson

I love seeing thing that you have and don’t know what to do with it.I also love,DIY.They have answers for everything,thanks so much…??

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