8 Creative Must-have for a Shabby Chic Wedding (And Where to Find Them)

The wedding season is coming! And if you were like me last year, you have the outline (the place, the DJ, the caterer …), but many details are still outstanding! The devil is in the details; I decided to help you a little by offering a selection of the best original decorative ideas (that I could mostly find on Etsy) for a shabby chic wedding. All are not necessarily in the Shabby Chic style, but I hope it will inspire you.

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Wedding Photo Booth + Props


Including a photo booth at your wedding reception is a fantastic way to add an element of fun to your wedding day and capture your guests in a gorgeous backdrop. While the old-school style of the booth has always been popular (the box style photo booth you squeeze into, and retro film strips come out), I’m also a big fan of the newer creative versions of photo booths and wedding backdrops. As shown in the picture below, you can find on Etsy plenty of wedding photo booth props.



Hearts, hearts, hearts, but not the cheesiest way!

A heart shape may be the most obvious wedding motif, but it can also easily be the cheesiest. However, when used sparingly, hearts can be fresh, stylish, and totally sweet. Here are some of our favorite ways to feature hearts in your wedding décor.

  1. Moss Hearts
  2. Wooden Hearts
  3. Lemonade yellow spring summer wedding hearts
  4. NAVY BLUE Straws with Gold Glitter Heart

Chalkboard Wedding

So what are your thoughts on the chalkboard wedding trend? To be honest, I didn’t even realize this was officially a trend until last year when attended a country wedding in a large barn and outdoor pavilion. The bride used flowers, candles, and dried vines intertwined with hundreds of lights to add romance to the rustic appeal, but she also chose to weave a chalkboard theme throughout, from the invitation to the program to the food labels and even to the favors.


So if you’re thinking of using this trend at your wedding, here are a few unique and creative ways to include chalkboards around every corner:

Hay Bales for a Barn Wedding Style


Hay bales have been a trend in rustic weddings from the very beginning, most likely because they are widely available at most rustic venues! I love these miniature hay bales that can be used as table decor. Source of the hay bales images.

Rustic Wedding Card Box

A really fun element to show your uniqueness is the wedding card box. Now you can see card boxes made out of everything from a vintage suitcase to a log! Be Creative! Here below our choices from Etsy.

  1. A rustic wedding card box
  2. Custom Wedding Card Mailbox
  3. Wedding card box sack
  4. An elegant wedding card box

Ring box

You think you’ve seen it all, but you can find plenty of simple and cheap ideas for your ring box. It just depends on the style you want to have. Here below is a range of different styles we loved.


Bridesmaid & Groomsmen ideas

You’ve got tons of holiday shopping to do anyway, so why not pick up gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen at the same time? Shop our favorite new gift ideas.

8 Creative Must-have for a Shabby Chic Wedding (And Where to Find Them) 11 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
8 Creative Must-have for a Shabby Chic Wedding (And Where to Find Them) 13 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Groomsmen bottle opener


You can personalize brides hangers of reusable coffee cups, but you can also find plenty of bride gifts ideas here.



Packed with colorful inspiration, these arrangements will help you choose a bouquet with a twist.

  1. Beach/starfish bouquet
  2. Field Flower Bouquet
  3. Romantic wedding bouquet
  4. Paper flowers bouquet
  5. Football Bouquet
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