Lovable Huggable Upcycled Teddy Bears

I decided to turn a couple of my old clothing items into a meaningful and eco-friendly gift. I transformed those old clothes into my Huggable Upcycled Teddy Bears. How many garments just sit in your wardrobe waiting to be discarded to the charity shop and eventually landfill? Megatons of textiles end up in landfills every year. Research suggests we only wear 40% of the garments we own.

Have a closet or dresser full of old clothes? Use clothing items to create these Huggable Upcycled Teddy Bears.

There are scores of free teddy bear patterns available online to choose from to create a memory bear. I created a pattern that is more realistic than your average upright & long-limbed teddy bear. All you need is some basic sewing skills.

Choose appropriate textiles for your Upcycled Teddy Bears.

Coordinating the fabric was easy as I used to wear these corduroy pants and evening top together. It is important that the textiles are clean and sturdy enough to undergo the stuffing of the teddy bear in its final stage of construction.

Fill them up with squishable materials to make your Lovable Upcycled Teddy Bears as cuddly as possible!

As there are no limb joints in this bear, all you will need are some doll eyes or old buttons, along with some stuffing (such as Polyfill used in cushions) to complete your project. This sweet pattern is just one idea to inspire you to upcycle those old clothes!

Turn old, outdated outfits into Upcycled Teddy Bears.
If you have worn or outdated clothes, don’t throw them out and add usable waste in the landfills. Instead, match up your old outfits and create squishy, adorable Upcycled Teddy Bears!
These Upcycled Teddy Bears beg to be snuggled.
I created a unique, realistic pattern to create Upcycled Teddy Bears that beg to be hugged and cuddled.
The step-by-step pictures demonstrate my unique pattern to make these Upcycled Teddy Bears.
Here’s how to pin the nose together.
I made the pattern simple and attached the arms on these Upcycled Teddy Bears.
The sides are cut out, and the arms are attached.
Fill these Upcycled Teddy Bears with Polyfill or upcycled pillow stuffing.
Skip the hard frame and hinges. Instead, fill this precious little bear with Polyfill or even upcycle old pillow or cushion stuffing.
You can use buttons or little doll eyes for the Upcycled Teddy Bears facial details.
Stitch the remaining seams closed, and then add the finishing touches, including the eyes, mouth detail, and the tail.
With his arms held wide, these cheerful little Upcycled Teddy Bears beckon for a young friend!
Look at this little bear! He’s begging to be someone’s cuddle-buddy!
Upcycled Teddy Bears make excellent memory bears too.
These upcycled bears make wonderful gifts!
These cheerful Upcycled Teddy Bears make amazing gifts.
Aww! Guaranteed to melt your heart in moments! This design would also make a touching memory bear by using that special someone’s clothes.

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