Urban Objects by Aaron Kramer

Working primarily in recycled and reclaimed materials I weave the mundane object such as street sweeper bristles and coffee stirrers. I make furniture from recycled wine corks, tin can lids and golf clubs. I create kinetic whimsies from tin cans and coat hangers.




++ More infos at Urban Objects website and Flickr stream.

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Liz Thomas via Facebook
Liz Thomas via Facebook

incredible web site…so inspiring…love the kids collage boxes, all the lamp ideas…there was something in one of the photos that brought me to tears…not sure what it was, but I’m inspired to do more recycled art…

Fred Sena Designs
Fred Sena Designs

That chair began many, many wine bottles ago…

Jeffery Carroll-Vandalov

Wow, better start drinking.

David Salazar Vasquez

washhh, ya estoy trabajando para hacer el juego de cama y todo jejje

David Salazar Vasquez

yo quiero uno!!!

Georgina Verbena

mirá Patty Saenz, ya sabés qué te encargo, todo sea por amor al arte no ? jajaja

Muriel Giraudo

Enorme !!!

Jon Kelsey

That’s a lot of wine….

Emma Roe

Jane Anderson you could make this!!!

Jane Anderson
Reply to  Emma Roe

I could if i drank wine with corks!! Most of them come with screw tops. Haha

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