Amazing Millenium Falcon Made From 3,000 Pieces of Wood by Martin Creaney

This is by far the most incredible woodworking piece I have ever seen; a beautiful Star Wars Millenium Falcon made from more than 3,000 individually carved pieces of wood. Professional woodworker Martin Creaney created this masterpiece, and it took him around 18 months to build it.

Before working on the Millenium Falcon, Martin had previously made an R2D2, an AT-ST Walker, and an X-Wing Fighter. With each project, Martin is getting bigger and bigger. The body of the Millenium Falcon is made from natural Timber, so it should be pretty heavy.

This project started on May 4th, 2014, with, for design example, a toy model he had purchased more than ten years ago. The spaceship is made from a huge mix of wood, including cypress pine, huon pine, blackwood, ebony, Baltic pine, mulga, red cedar, camphor, jarrah, sassafras, rosewood, red gum, and some other unknown species.

Almost every tool in his workshop was used to build the Millenium Falcon, including a lathe, belt sander, detail sander, thickness planer, scroll saw, compound miter saw, table saw, Japanese pull saw, hand planes, chisels, and even a scalpel. The finished Millenium Falcon measures 6 feet long and 5 feet wide and is currently on display in Martin’s workshop.

I can’t stop looking at all the details…



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Sandy Merrifield
Sandy Merrifield

Pretty cleaver

Oliver Vockeroth

Christian Pannicke, dass doch mal n Projekt ?

Christian Von Matterhorn

Richtig geil ?

Randy Greenwald

Joshua Dees project for you

Gavin Jones

Ben Hart

Jan-Christian Mönck

Oliver , Peter

Nathalie Decourty Bienvenu

Romain Delliere

Thierry Barreau

Guillaume Chaume Matthieu De Moya

Alan Dunne

Chris Ducky Nealon

Chris Ducky Nealon
Reply to  Alan Dunne

You make it for me ???

Alan Dunne
Reply to  Alan Dunne

Ye I’ll start now ??

Chris Ducky Nealon
Reply to  Alan Dunne

He says as he contemplates getting off de couch…..??

Alan Dunne
Reply to  Alan Dunne

Exactly ted ?

Leia White

Stephen Morning-Star no

Stephen Morning-Star Fewings
Reply to  Leia White


Baron De la Baraqueta

Simon Stock

Pete Brown

Andrew Trujillo Admir Musić

Andrew Trujillo
Reply to  Pete Brown


Admir Musić
Reply to  Pete Brown

Well… What else you gonna do if you don’t have to work 40 hrs a week for someone else

Lesly Jolipeton


Lesly Jolipeton

Julien Barrier

Lucie Cloutier

Michel :-)

Louis Vzl

William Sergio Mendé

Shane Davies

wow, wish I had the time and ‘space..’ to do that..

Shane Davies

Antonio Apostolakis

Antonio Apostolakis
Reply to  Shane Davies

Wow that is cool!

Shane Davies
Reply to  Shane Davies

aint it just.. would love that mounted on my wall or something..

Antonio Apostolakis
Reply to  Shane Davies

Shane Davies or hang if from the ceiling with a few x-wings around it

Shane Davies
Reply to  Shane Davies

yeah, I used to do aircraft modelling as a kid and had them hung in dog-fight scenes, some had cotton wool smoke coming out of them (mostly the german ones).. loved it.

Antonio Apostolakis
Reply to  Shane Davies

Shane Davies that sounded good!

Shane Davies
Reply to  Shane Davies

not sure what happened to them all after I left home.. no doubt my younger brother wrecked them!!

Antonio Apostolakis
Reply to  Shane Davies

Shane Davies that’s a shame ☹️ would’ve been good to still have them

Shane Davies
Reply to  Shane Davies

yep. I lost a lot of stuff like that when I went overseas in my 20’s.. I had a good collection of militaria that is now gone….

Brenda H. Garner

Kevin Garner

Kevin Garner

wow… i wish i had his skills and patience!!!

Tim Nijs

Pieter Lucas

Didier Carol


Stéphane Jacquet
Reply to  Didier Carol

La vache !!!! Impressionnant !

Ives Alan Dloff

André Klimpert Jahresprojekt’17???

André Klimpert

3 Monate ?

Stephane Cambrai

Julien Demare ^^

Ma Nu

Seb Ron Diplomatico

Seb Ron Diplomatico
Reply to  Ma Nu

Magnifique :)

Lyn Heaton

Phil Heaton

Thomas Schmid

Fabi Schwytzer van LyCo – aus Holz … fantastisch

Laura Gretton

Steve Gretton wow!!

Ben Carpentier

Vanina Richer

Tammy Deaf Tatum

Shannon Biezenbos

Camille Betoux

Christophe tu fais ça quand?

Maxime Laubier

Flo Def apres les legos ;)

Unde Rcover

Claire Essermeant et Cédric Essermeant ca va vous plaire!

Claire Essermeant
Reply to  Unde Rcover

Han!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Cédric Essermeant
Reply to  Unde Rcover

Trop fort !!

Charissa Merkel-Hare

Dick Hare

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