Barrel Cradle

We already linked to creative cradle made out of pallets, but this one is one the most beautiful barrel creation we have ever seen!

Barrel Cradle 2 • Recycled Furniture
Barrel Cradle 4 • Recycled Furniture
Barrel Cradle 6 • Recycled Furniture
Barrel Cradle 8 • Recycled Furniture
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Mariangeles Mata Suarez

Me gusta

Terri Bett


Dean Loveridge

That is cool

Małgorzata Byczek

do a barrel roll ;) cool idea

Dee Mahler-Castillo

If Philip Castillo and I had a baby this would be the perfect cradle! LOL

Vasiliki Pitsiniaga


Tegan Lucas

Aja Rountree Morris- hey I can send you a cruzan rum barrel! It would be like a pirate baby thingy!

David Smith

I just now noticed, this is suspended from the ceiling !

Julien Viel

Patrice Vidaller on à retrouver ton berceau…..

Diline Di

Ellenahc Onimissam je vous en ai parlé vendredi soir !

Ellenahc Onimissam
Reply to  Diline Di

Ça exiiiiiiste !!!! ????

Diline Di
Reply to  Diline Di

Ms ouiiii!

Diline Di
Reply to  Diline Di

Y a plus qu’à réserver en Espagne ! ????

Ellenahc Onimissam
Reply to  Diline Di

???? deux bébé pour le prix d’une smartbox ????

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