Before/After by Cositas Vintage

People at Cositas Vintage (From Argentina) recycle furniture and what we can say is that they do an amazing job !


Before/After by Cositas Vintage 1 • Recycled Furniture

…and BEFORE :

Before/After by Cositas Vintage 2 • Recycled Furniture

++ More information and a lot more example of what they do on Cositas Vintage Website !

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Randel Vuks

the one before looks nicer (to my taste)


Same here…

Ian Shepherd

Next week: these same two photos, the other way round :)

Ian Shepherd
Reply to  Ian Shepherd

…and probably turned into a lamp, for good measure

Rachael Nixon

Love it!

Shnifty re-do
Shnifty re-do

Very Mod, in the right room I like it, every time I have seen a piece like this it’s been painted, an I’m old so I remember this stuff when it was new.

Jodi Renfro

Wow they ruined that antique. Not every piece of furniture needs to be refurbished.

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