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by Judy Kean

Recycled Bottles and Cigar Box Vanity

Full time-stained Glass Artist at “The Glass Studio” recycled art line is “SassyGlass Art”. When the artist, Judy Kean, decided not to discard a wine bottle because of its decorative label, she found a way to creatively recycle by converting the memento into a beautiful and useful lamp. Judy realized that this same process could also be used for any spirit bottle thus creating a form of ambient lighting and the birth of “Sassy Glass Art”. Est 2005.

Sassy Glass Art can take your special keepsake bottles and create the perfect lamp for your home or business. Each lamp is unique and custom designed including the lampshades which are chosen based on the style, material, color, size and shape which is fitted specifically to the bottle. The more unique the bottle – the more unique the lamp!

Bird Feeders were born this past year as a new addition to recycling glass – This feeder recycles vintage albums along with liquor bottles for the perfect decorative feeder in your yard. Cigar Box vanity fills out the Man cave by being bases for decorative lamp bases for recycled bottle lamps or mosaic vanity for your man’s jewelry with favorite custom team logos.
The Glass Studio will make your Art Glass items custom to your needs along with the Sassy Glass Art line.

Visit SassyGlass Art website for more details.

Recycled Bottles and Cigar Box Vanity Recycled Glass

Recycled Bottles and Cigar Box Vanity Recycled Glass

Recycled Bottles and Cigar Box Vanity Recycled Glass

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