Benedetto Bufalino Repurposes an Old Police Car into a Modern Chicken Coop


We previously featured Benedetto Bufalino here. One of his latest hilarious project is this vintage french police car transformed into a chicken coop !

++ Benedetto Bufalino


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Tiziana Callari
Tiziana Callari

great idea!! love it!

Benno Legters
Benno Legters

Ha haaa, Heidi Bakker!!

Ger Rus
Ger Rus

HAHAHA, thats great!

Jess Webb

Nicola Rush :)

Jean-christian Punky Gambellin

peugeot 104!

Annie Oger

C’est pas n’oeuf cela ))

Athanael Milon

jolie destin pour cette voiture qui aura passé sa vie rempli de poulets … ;-)

Nicola Rush

That’s so cool – I have seen an old car used as a coop before!

Jess Webb
Reply to  Nicola Rush

I thought you’d like it :)

Sheila McGregor

Ann Maceachen,you don’t need an

Ann Maceachen

Mine was to sail away in Sheila but what a great idea for Island scrappers!!!!!!

Sheila McGregor


Heidi Bakker

Jaaa Benno! Wat een goed idee :-D ik denk dat Daniel dat een beter idee vindt dan een CX als kippenhok


For non french speakers, there is a play on words : chicken (poulet in french) is also a surname for policemen… So this car has spend all its life with chickens inside !

Krystian Raj

awesome work!

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