by Brandy Bowmaster

Bike Tube Upcycled Into Tote Bag

Tote bag or large purse made from recycled bike tubes and old climbing rope. A roomy bag with a simple and clean design, approximately 14″ x 8″ x 4″. The strap, made from red climbing rope/webbing, weaves through two small flaps at the top of the bag, which close when the strap is fully extended, effectively creating a self-closing bag.

Bike tube rubber is strong and durable like leather, so it makes a great vegan alternative to leather bags. The bike tubes used to make this bag were sourced in Moab, Utah, a hugely popular mountain biking destination with lots of bike tubes ready to be reused!





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Louboutin Back To Basic
Louboutin Back To Basic

really like you have professionnals prices


Hi Louboutin ! unfortunately no… ask to, our partners for the contest, they retail Krejci, a brand using bike inner tubes too.

Jákob FriendFace
Jákob FriendFace

Na BSDM vychazku fajn. A ten nezamenitelnej oder :-)

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