Books Bedframe

bedframe of paperback books

books cut in alphabet (1)

In this post, i found 2 beautiful ideas made with repurposed books :

  • Reader’s Digest Condensed books cut into alphabet shapes
  • Bedframe made of paperback books.


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Corien Terpstra-de Jong
Corien Terpstra-de Jong

Mooi bed voor jou Marjo

Marjo Grimmius

Ja gaaf hè

Lisa Wilson

Katy Dashiell Karen Hagerman Moseley Brigette Flores Hernandez xoxo

Kathie Shearer


Debbie Henderson Meeks


Donna M Babin

This one was meant for a certain man I knew, if there was a TV attached to an arm on the headboard, he would only need to get up for food and potty breaks. Lisa N Gibby Martens and Amanda Gilby what do you think?

Laurence Morin

Cedric Lalonde ;) ça m’a fait pensé à toi

Cedric Lalonde
Reply to  Laurence Morin

Yeahhh :D!

Cha Quillé

ouhaaaaaaouuuuu !!! sooooo beautiful idea !!! ;)

Cristina Leal

Que idea extraña,original….originalmente extraña!

Werkstattgalerie KlangundLicht
Werkstattgalerie KlangundLicht

Dafür würde es bei uns fast reichen !

Mistère Dame

vue l’état d’la couette j’préfère mieux dormir avec une serpillère

Monique Carbonneau

beaucoup de livres et une tonne de colle…et quand tu fais de l’insomnie tu en choisis un au hasard…très bonne idée que ce lit !

Christine Boeglin

Pas mal et si en plus il est confortable sans la couette j’adhère.

Marie Line

Pour toi Isabelle Hooreman :)

Chouette Gezi

Must be a bitch once is time for moving o.O

Brigette Flores Hernandez

Wow!! I love it!!!!

Oui-Oui Francesita
Oui-Oui Francesita

me gusta!!! vaya noche sin dormir…;;

Krzysztof Dusik

The best!

Cristiane Rodrigues

Fernanda Rodrigues,que tal? com os livros do Fer? ahahahahahahahah

Yannick Ramage

Anne Hq, voilà ce qu’il te faut!

Anne Hq
Reply to  Yannick Ramage

oui, mais peut on encore les lire?

Naomi Gonelli

Fiona, your kind of bed frame!?!

Art by Kathy Carney

Great for bedtime stories!!


That’s a great way to repurpose books!
Also check my article about unusual furniture (chairs, beds, sofa, bathtub…) made from books :)


Well, I read a lot and I see value in books. To me this bed would be disgusting.

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