by Sunniva Haukbjørk Balch-barth Vetland

The Bread Castle

I have built a castle of the bread that were going to be thrown away from three local bakeries in Kristiansand, Norway (my town). It is filled with dumpster-dived chocolate and you can sit in it while eating. Has been featured in a art exhibition called ”DIVERSE diverse” in Kristiansand from 16th-24th of July, 2011.

Diverse diverse 014
Diverse diverse 013


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Ewa Skowronek via Facebook

i love this idea of food recycling the castle is impressive and the chocolate in it is very tempting

Peprina Qasam via Facebook

You can’t throw food!!! Thanks to the artist for the chair, but 5 minutes in the oven and the bread is delicous again!


That is what the installation is all about, that we throw away food. I were given massive amounts of bread that couldn’t fit my freezer and even if I were to give it to everyone I know it would still be to much. And that is what its all about. I’m trying to show people how they waste and to make them change the patterns of consumtion. I totally agree with you that you can’t throw away food, but you can’t hide the fact that farmers, stores, bakeries, cafe’s and even consumers are throwing away more than half of what… Read more »

nana nyambura
nana nyambura

this is the best and most creative thing i have ever seen.its important not to throw away food like that when there are other people in this world who lack something to put in their mouth,i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you really inspire me so much

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