Breast Cancer Awareness Upcycled Bra Planter/Drôle De Jardinière

Here’s a solution for noisy neighbors, or for that friend you want to flirt with! Make your own Upcycled Bra Planter! Guaranteed to catch eyes, and get a few smiles too! Seriously, this is an art project to heighten awareness of Breast Cancer Pink Week.

A unique way to upcycle old undergarments for those lovely Annual Plants: An Upcycled Bra Planter!

I wish to clarify that this is not meant to be a long-term planter. It is a test of installation for breast cancer October Pink Week project.

First, we made a small wooden receptacle that fits the bra. We also put plastic on top of the wood to protect the bra from the water. We secured everything with hot glue. Hang it where you like – either with a clothes hanger or with picture hanger hardware.

An Upcycled project for Breast Cancer Awareness Week: An Upcycled Bra Planter!

Je souhaite préciser que ce n’est pas destiné a être une jardinière à long terme. C’est un essai pour un projet d’installation destinée à interpeler sur le thème du cancer du sein lors de la semaine octobre rose. Nous avons confectionner un petit receptacle en bois qui s’adapte au soutien gorge. Nous avons aussi poser un plastique au dessus du bois pour protéger le soutien gorge de l’eau.

Upcycled Bra Planter will show your support in more than one way.
An idea to upcycle your old bras, support an important cause, and cheer on the ta-tas!
Upcycled Bra Planter is suitable for annuals.
This project would be suitable for annuals, as the material will eventually break down.
Display your Upcycled Bra Planter by using a clothes hook.
You can hang up the planter with hardware, or use this cheeky version with a clothes hanger. Be sure to choose one with the divots to keep the straps in place.
Upcycled Bra Planter will get rid of those old bras that don't fit well.
A great way to get rid of those bras we have that don’t fit well. Put them to better use than filling up a drawer.
Find a box that is close in size to the bra you want to use for this Upcycled Bra Planter
This project starts with a small box.
Line your Upcycled Bra Planter with plastic.
Cover the planter with plastic so that the bra remains dry.
Secure everything in your Upcycled Bra Planter with hot glue.
Secure everything with hot glue.

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Cha ChOu

Anne Laure Gournay on fera pas un potager avec les nôtres !! ???

Anne Laure Gournay
Reply to  Cha ChOu

Lol carrément!! Moi j pourrais pas planter gand chose par contre haha

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