How Can Recycled Art Raise Awareness of Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a damaging disease capable of wreaking havoc in the lives of addicts as well as their friends and family members. For the addicts that earn their sobriety, life is forever transformed. To honor their remarkable strength of will – and those just starting their quest for sobriety – recycled artwork has a critical role to play.

In a sense, alcoholics who earn their sobriety have gone through a recycling process to reclaim control of their lives. The goal is to emerge on the other side with a real shot at a second chance. To mark that difficult journey, this piece highlights how artwork produced from recycled bottles and cans have the potential to raise awareness for alcohol addiction.

Reducing the Stigma Caused by Empties

Despite the growing awareness of environmental issues, US citizens throw away approximately 251 million tons of waste each year. From those 251 million tones, an astonishing 164 million winds up in either landfills or incinerators. Outside of standard recycling efforts, there is so much more than can be done to breathe new life into everyday waste.

Sadly, alcoholics consume large quantities of bottles and cans. After becoming sober, the mere sight of empty containers can be enough to stir unwanted feelings. However, a project such as this has the power to alleviate that stigma by creating beautiful works of art using containers that once contained damaging substances. Recycled art benefits both addicts and the environment alike.

Beer Bottle Vases

Starting with the simplest artwork, you can take beer bottles and simply spray paint them with your chosen color to create stunning vases. The beauty of these vases is that they only take a couple of minutes to spray. Plus, you can simply re-spray them whenever you want to try out a new color. Then it’s only a matter of positioning your favorite followers for maximum impact.


Beer Can Butterflies

These butterflies look stunning! You have to remind yourself that they once came from beer cans. The best thing about these is that you can use any combination of cans. In fact, having butterflies from different can styles will help to add some intriguing diversity to your flutter of butterflies. Just be careful while you use a sharp scalpel to cut out the butterflies – the metal of the can will also be sharp.


Liquor Bottle Lamps

 The recycling process can also encompass the creation of artistic items to use throughout your home. One of the simplest things to create is a liquor bottle lamp. These bottles often appear ornate and intricately designed. Consigning them to become broken glass can often feel like a waste. But if you ever encounter an impressive bottle that you wish to do something with, then definitely consider making a lamp. Here are the basic instructions:

  • Drill a hole in the back of the bottle for pulling out the power cord.
  • Fit a lighting kit inside the bottle (follow these detailed instructions).
  • Insert the compatible bulb for your lamp.
  • Position a stylish lampshade to finish your creation.


Beer Can Pinecones

 Admittedly, these pinecones are outside the realms of possibility for novice artists. Just look at the pinecones created by Sally Ducrow, a French artist who made beautiful works of art from the beer cans tossed away by wasteful campers in a Finnish national park. The pinecones are a wonderful example of what this project stands for – reclaiming unwanted, unappealing materials and transforming them to give joy to all who look upon them.


Bottles and Interior Design

In the luxurious interior depicted, a closer look at the image will let you see that bottles have been used to form striking panels jutting out from the brick wall. The golden shade of the bottles helps to illuminate the room in a striking manner. Glass can have exactly the same impact in your home, provided you make the most of the bottles to develop an imaginative appearance.


Wine Bottle Candles

The last of the pieces of artwork can be replicated at home with a little effort. As you can see from the accompanying image, the tops of the wine bottles have been removed. In addition, you will also have to remove the bottoms of the bottles to insert the candles. Choose any style of wine bottles you like. The bottles look great when they feature the same glass, but then a mixture could also work well. For advice on cutting glass check out this helpful guide.


Raising Awareness

Experts from, luxury beach rehab in Florida, agree that recycled art projects have the potential to raise public awareness of alcohol addiction. They are currently working with local artists to create striking pieces of recycled artwork that will soon be displayed in an upcoming exhibition. Keep an eye out on the Florida Beach Rehab website for further information.

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Que lindo todo. Se ve hermoso.

Jeanne la Lampiste

faut picoler pour avoir de la lumière ?

Błażej Łuczak

for connoisseurs of wines or lamps? ;-)

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It actually is a really nice hobby. :)

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