Cassette Tapes Chair

This is a ooomydesign chair made with cassette tapes. Buildingthe wooden structure, this piece was created entirely on cassette tapes and are joined with flanges, so can be removed at any time.

Cassette Tapes Chair 1 • Recycled Electronic Waste

Cassette Tapes Chair 2 • Recycled Electronic Waste

Cassette Tapes Chair 3 • Recycled Electronic Waste

++ Via Manualidades website !

++ Available at OooMydesign !

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Petra Vogt

I got some left as well

Caroline Artzi

not very comfy!

Matthew Allen Genovese
Reply to  Caroline Artzi

It does not look like it would be, what happens if you sit on it and your butt starts to be kind and rewinds ?

Peter Albiez

I’ve a bucket of old rusty nails at home. I wonder if I could do something similar with those? ?

Cori Dahl-Myles

Valerie Stokes this made me think of you ?

Jonathan Wilson

I can think of a better use for cassette tapes … like listening to music.

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