Chandelier Made Out Of Christmas Garlands Or Beads

I discovered this amazing chandelier made of Christmas garlands or beads at dollarstorecrafts and I got so excited so I would like to share it with you. The simple materials are:

  • 2 wire baskets, one smaller than the other (from electrical shops) or alternatively use metallic fruit bowl.
  • Chain to hang the chandelier.
  • Garlands of beads (gold or silver).
  • Spray color (you can leave it in gold or silver color)
  • Wire, silicone & cutter.

First, if you want to change the color of the beads, spray them and hang them to dry and then repeat the process. Do the same with the chain and the basket. Cut the wire with the cutter to a width of 2 cm and about 100 pieces.

Take the first garland and a piece of wire. Wrap the garland around the basket twice to make sure it will not come out of the building and then fix the wire by leaving the end of the wire visible for the moment.

If at some point the garland break or is not enough unite it with a silicone gun. Continue this process until the bottom of the basket and the bowl is filled with beads. At this point, you can arrange the cables in the bottom hole of the basket. Make sure you do that with safety. Leave the wire uncut on the basket – will use them in the next section of the project. It’s easier if the basket is suspended while you make the adjustment. It takes about twice as bead garlands to the top of the chandelier. Begin to join the two baskets linking garlands to the wire to be covered completely. Get a bigger piece of wire and tape the smallest cordless fastening beads for greater security and end the turn in order to create the hook to be hung. Decorate with the chandelier that you like, using a satin ribbon. You can decorate kids room, bedroom or living room, with this chandelier or even use it as wedding decor.





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