What to Do with an Old Basket Ball ?

Maybe a bag is an original way to recycle a basket ball !


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well it’s not really re-cycling if you buy a new basketball to make a purse is it? That ball has zero wear on it

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Why are you so hostile? Someone takes the time to create an item and post it for everyone to view and enjoy and you have to criticize it. If you don’t like it, move on. This is not a political debate and there isn’t right or wrong.

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The ball I’m hoping to recycle looks brand new but the valve is no good. It’s possible to replace the valve but a valve repair kit costs more than getting a new ball at Goodwill


In fact i must admit that this ball has not many wear on it…that’s true, but the idea is there. If you have a used basketball, you know how to re-use it ;-)


You could fill the basketball with sand to make a kettlebell

Robin Clarke


Afra Alexandra

Vivienne…inspiratie voor een nieuwe tas ???????

Vivienne Sighaoui-Neiteler
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Ik knip wel n bal van de boys open????????????

Esereht Velk

Desiree Elizabeth Lemley Nilsen, du klarte LPplater, du klarer dette også :-D

Desiree Elizabeth Lemley Nilsen

Lyst og selger hjemmelaget tørket kjøtt, deilig til Vin Øl ,hva på kurs i London hos noen sør afrikaaner , kjøpte utstyr til og lage hjemme , herlig til ost også ,

Desiree Elizabeth Lemley Nilsen

Denne er nesten ferdig snart ,ta 3 til 4 dager og heater “Biltong .

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