Characters Sculpture

Sculptures made by Louise Parenteau :

“Ever concerned politically and socially, I use only recycled material. With pieces of scrap, bits of metal, chunks of wood found here and there on the streets and back-alleys of the city, used cloth, worn leather, old tools and nails, etc…. I create characters whose mixed structure gives free rein to the interpretation and the composition.
These materials question me; original and exclusive, they invoke the misery, suffering, distress and the joy they have known. I respect them in their integrity and I give them a new role to play. They become the support of my worries about the problems of our society.

With minimal treatment and expense, I improvise, assemble, and construct using materials which defy me, question me, inspire me and stimulate my creation.
My art is distinctive; an art which is raw and actual, without reference and without a particular technique.”
Characters Sculpture 1 • Recycled Art

HOCHELAGA, Louise Parenteau, H.: 87 cm

Characters Sculpture 2 • Recycled Art

INNU, Louise Parenteau, H.: 139 cm

Characters Sculpture 3 • Recycled Art

THE CRUCIFIXION, Louise Parenteau, H.: 215 cm

++ More sculptures and information at Louise Parenteau website !

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michael priddle
michael priddle

some beautifully interesting new art . I also make sculptures and paintings on canvas from recycled builders waste materials, that I have collected from one or two of the beaches in IBIZA, a beautiful island in the med, where I currently work and live…I am not great with computers but if anyone would like to see my art, please feel free to e-mail me at mi********@ho*****.com….keep up the good.

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