Repurposed Leather Purse Ring

By Neokentin

Every January I get a kick out of ridding myself of stuff that I finally admit I don’t need anymore. So I cut out a scrap from an old green […]

Repairing Tool Handles With Recycled Plastic Bottles String

By Waldemar Sha

Repairing tool handles with plastic bottles string.

Bracelet From Scraps

By Waldemar Sha

Thi is a bracelet I made from leather and yarn scraps.

Old Faux Leather Jacket Into Bracelets

By Waldemar Sha

I’ve already made a few flasks out of the sleeves of this jacket, and now I decided to make a couple of bracelets out of those little belts. The red […]

More About Flasks From Used Glass Bottles

By Waldemar Sha

A couple of my flasks I’m making from used glass bottles.

Making Flasks From Used Glass Bottles (How To)

By Waldemar Sha

Recently I received this faux leather jacket, and I thought it’s a good opportunity to show how I make my flasks. I used a piece of a sleeve with the […]

Old Leather Jacket Into Cushion

By Neokentin

Old leather jacket recycled into a cushion.

Making Flasks From Used Glass Bottles (Kind Of Intro)

By Waldemar Sha

I thought if it worth to make a post about it because of somewhat rough photos and that the whole thing is kind of on the developing stage. But I […]

Bracelets From Leather Waste

By Waldemar Sha

Some of my leather bracelets.

Old Jeans & Belt to New Bag

By Waldemar Sha

Turning old jeans into over the shoulder bag.

Jeans Labels, Leather Scraps & Everyday Stuff

By Waldemar Sha

Just something I made for myself. There’s one euro coin in the keychain, essential oil in the bottle (come on just imagine some) and photoshopped keys. Because no one will […]

1950s Circa Chair Makeover with 12 Upcycled Leather Belts

By Gerry Mckenna

It is a circa 1950’s chair I found in a bit of a mess, I gently sanded to remove some paint and marks, but I have left the original patina, […]

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