Charming Stacked Pallet Mini Christmas Tree

I made this stacked pallet mini Christmas tree using scrap wood and pallets. It folds up for convenient storage and makes a charming backdrop for your other handmade ornaments.

Make your own Stacked Pallet Mini Christmas Tree or purchase one from my Etsy shop.

I wanted to spread the idea about upcycled holiday decor. Homemade party decor for the holidays adds a homespun charm that no store-bought item can do. It reminds us of previous generations that had to make do with what they had available. The hardest part was letting this little tree go when I put it for sale.

Pallet Mini Christmas Tree is a beautiful natural-wood backdrop that makes any ornament, from the simples ribbon, look beautiful.
Make a little pallet Christmas tree and let the whole family make homemade/handmade ornaments. Even simple bows look beautiful against the natural wood background.
Top view of the Pallet Mini Christmas Tree branches all spread out and organized.
Top view of the “branches” spread out.
The screw holes and staple marks add to the homespun charm of this Pallet Mini Christmas Tree.
Leave the screw holes and staple marks. That adds to the homespun charm of this handmade tree!
This homemade Pallet Mini Christmas Tree stores flat for easy storage under a bed or in a closet.
Try storing a store-bought tree this flat!
This Pallet Mini Christmas Tree is beautiful without any ornaments whatsoever, and would be a gorgous addition to your outdoor holiday decor.
This design looks beautiful unadorned and would be gorgeous indoors or as a stellar addition to your outdoor holiday decor.

Need tips to find some pallets for sale and start your pallet Christmas tree? Find more ideas, here are 10 Unique Pallet Holiday Decor Ideas for you!


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