by Danga Catalin

Plastic Bottle Origami

The origami cube is made out of 6 plastic soda bottles (2.5L).


The origami star is made out of 2 plastic soda bottles (2.5L).


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barbara smith
barbara smith

so how do you make this?

The Recycling Occupational Therapist via Facebook

I don’t see the directions onthe site. am I missing something, I want to make this :-)

Stephen Dignam
Stephen Dignam

Like your work.

Danga Catalin

For those asking “how to make it”, just follow the instructions for paper origami. Instead of paper use plastic bottles. It’s harder to fold plastic, you can only make few folds but you can still make “simple” things. Modular origami is even better since you make multiple small things and combine them. Also, you can make nice origami boxes out of plastic bottles. I have some star boxes. So … search on google for origami patterns and select what you think has little folds and looks nice when you finish and instead of paper, use plastic bottles. Cut them in… Read more »

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