Reused Coffee Filter Lamp

What do you do with the coffee filter after you brew your coffee? Throw in the garbage? I make lamps! I handcraft lighting using recycled coffee filters. It’s a beautiful and unique style. Check out Lampada ETSY Shop !

Reused Coffee Filter Lamp 1 • Lamps & Lights

Reused Coffee Filter Lamp 2 • Lamps & Lights

Reused Coffee Filter Lamp 3 • Lamps & Lights

Reused Coffee Filter Lamp 4 • Lamps & Lights

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Thank you so much for the feature. Beautiful!! I really appreciate it.

Koshna Kopasná via Facebook
Koshna Kopasná via Facebook


Lisa Wilson via Facebook
Lisa Wilson via Facebook

These are beautiful, but how do you get the smell out of them?

Tony Fuller

would smell great as well

Lisa Atamian Jerijian

Fresh coffee smells great not second hand , noooo

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