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Corkboard Alternative Using Old Car Tires!

Although cork trees are renewable, why not use up something that is usually just a huge problem for the landfills and environment? How about this terrific idea – a Corkboard Alternative Using Old Car Tires!

Let’s roll those tires into a better reincarnation! You’ve gotta try out this Corkboard Alternative Using Old Car Tires!

We’ve experimented with aesthetic and practical applications of rubber granules from recycled tires for over a year. Why use granules made from recycled tires? Mainly for two reasons:

  1. Used tires are a serious burden for the environment, and they are highly underutilized,
  2. Rubber granules are a practical (although difficult to process) & durable construction material.

We have successfully made different doorstops, cup coasters, pinboards, and even some pendants before this project. To see our various works, visit us on our Facebook page!

We make everything by hand. We carefully mix granules with glue and put the resulting “pulp” into an appropriate mold – in this case; it was an old picture frame. After few hours of drying, our Corkboard Alternative was ready!

Corkboard Alternative Using Old Car Tires! 1 • Recycled Rubber

Terrific idea! Here’s another great upcycled tire idea – Tire Sandals!


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