Turn Cd Jewel Cases Into This Spinning Desk Organizer Photo Calendar Cube!

I started this Desk Organizer project with four empty CD cases, some scraps of cardboard and an idea. This project holds your favorite photos, desk calendar, and anything else you’d like to display. Organize your desk and create a convenient, DIY lazy-susan idea that holds all of your necessary desk supplies within handy reach! And, this project has a DIY VIDEO TUTORIAL!

Keep your desk neat and tidy with a Spinning Desk Organizer that is also a photo calendar cube.

Like most of my projects, this one started with the uncertainty of whether or not the finished product would turn out like the vision in my head. My biggest concern was whether or not it would really spin. Well, I am happy to report that it does spin rather well. Upcycle those old CD cases you have hidden in a closet and make a handy organizer today!

This Desk Organizer upcycles old CD Jewel Cases.
Upcycle those old CD jewel cases you have hidden away or gathering dust on a shelf. Create a functional and changeable organizer project!


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