Corks for Decoration

Amid the summer, becoming a party to organize or attend a party will … Here are some ideas to creatively recycle the corks from wine bottles instead of throw them in the trash … And I start from this wonderful and colorful heart floats that could come as a headboard in a bedroom or girl’s room … The construction is just sticking up between the floats with silicone, forming the shape of a heart and is attached externally with a decorative cord or ribbon and painted in various colors …The photo above is a variant of the previous building, a different size. This has kept the natural color of cork, and has been used as a bulletin board and the outer decorative ribbon has been replaced with Christmas lights! More ideas to decorate your place with Christmas lights around the time you will find here ! A wonderful easy and also a creative idea to make monograms from corks to be able to hang in any room of the house from the kitchen to the bedroom and the garden giving each room a special and personal touch …


3312357_pKC7U0az_c  moredesignplease.co1



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