by Mark Langan

Corrugated Box Art

Bas-Relief sculpture created from the use of recycled corrugated boxes and non-toxic glue as an art medium.

Corrugated Box Art 1 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
Corrugated Box Art 2 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
Corrugated Box Art 3 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas


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марияна Т. via Facebook
марияна Т. via Facebook

strahotno e!

Mark Langan
Mark Langan

Thanks so much for the post Recyclart. Much appreciated!

Emilio Rubens Scarpellini Godoy

Brazil is a country that has no creativity, copy everything copied to Uncle Sam

Karen MacConnell

Mark Langan is an amazing artist using reclaimed and recycled materials

Pascale Lalechere

Magnifique. Quel travail !

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