Creative Decor Ideas Using Driftwood Branches or Reclaimed Wood

Driftwood, reclaimed wood, and branches, are an expensive home trend to buy from stores, but there are totally free in nature. Get inspired by the above ideas and  use them to make fantastic decor items ideal for any home style.

  1. Screen space separator from branches: If you have a room with two uses, like kitchen and living room, make this lovely separator, clinching branches on a thick piece of wood and make a decor statement. Ideal for modern or rustic spaces.
  2. Wall sculpture: A very easy DIY, an unusual decor piece, that also can help you to hide imperfections of an old wall. Start by cutting branches into slices and place them either directly on the wall or on a wooden base, in any shape you want to turn your wall into an art gallery!
  3. Like a headboard: A large branch in crude form almost screwed to the wall is the central decorative element of a single bedroom, combined with the romantic touch that gives the white tulle fabric.
  4. Branche hanger: A branch that you can paint white or any color you want, hanging on two chains turned easy to a hook that you can use to organize your wardrobe in the bedroom or the hallway giving a unique style to the room!
  5. Branches instead of a mirror: Instead of the calm mirror that usually accompanies a chest of drawers, place the branches in irregular form and give the space more attractive and ecological rustic style.
  6. Storage and organization with branches: Do this green hanger that will store your personal items or accessories screwing small twigs on a wooden board!
  7. Branches as shelves: A branch painted white can be used as a mini rack that will help you save of towels in the bathroom, games and hair clips in a nursery, or even some of your books!


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Jean Lux

De bonnes idées, simples à réaliser !

Natur Art

simple et moins simple… j’ai passé des heures a faire celui-ci… entre le temps de trouver les bonnes formes de branches et les fixer ensuite…

Goldfinger Factory

lovely upcycling ideas

Ellen Nightingale - Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

Michelle Botting, check this out – great ideas

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