Creative Ways of Reusing Old Toys Into Your Interior Design

Old toys can be used as a colorful raw material to make creative decor items for kids or even for adults rooms.

Children’s wooden blocks, which were created to drill a hole in the center, can create a minimal hanger, just placing them on the wall … If you paint part of the surface and put them on the wall on a large scale will create a kind of three-dimensional artwork that will replace your frames in the living room.


Cubes with letters can create keys hangers or accessories hanger if you place small hooks under each cube and screw in a piece of wood.


Convert an action figure in … book-stand easily, simply by screwing the two parts of the top and bottom of a shelf…


Boys love cars and continue to love them also when they became men (the only difference is the price of their toys :)). Create a “car-light” ideal for kids room. Use an ordinary lamp and paint-it with black spray. Draw white lines in the center, and stick cars around using silicon.

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Innocent Waqas

Good easy tricks

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