Dp Fire Department Clock “Ted”

By Neokentin

Fire Department – upcycled clock. I did this clock to show my appreciation to the Fire department that saved my brother Ron’s garage. The base of the clock is an […]

The Social Network Era

By marcopisano

I know but I like.

Nearly-headless Nick – The Punk Teddy Bear

By GreenDevil

Teddy bear destined for landfill gave a new life and new personality.

Upcycled Wooden Toys Into Necklaces

By kivit

I used the wooden child rattle of my sun and with a piece cord – I used red one – I did this piece of jewelry, it looks almost like […]

Cardboard Road

By Stef

Why toss a cardboard box when you can turn it into a fun toy for your kids? I made a colorful cardboard road in just three easy steps and so can you.

Coat Hook Made out of Upcycled Hotwheels Toy Cars

By Neokentin

Hang on! I know what you’re thinking, coat hooks aren’t exactly cool. Well, who says they can’t be? I decided to carry the spirit of my childhood into maturity by […]

Paintings Made From Old Toys & Buttons

By Neokentin

Hilary is a painter, hoarder, goodwill enthusiast, and mother of 2 boys. Her medium of choice is junk drawers. It all started harmlessly enough when her youngest son broke toys […]

Christmas Trees From Upcycled Toys

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

Could you imagine that you can make fantastic and alternative Christmas trees using old toys? The following pictures will give you a lot of different ideas and variations of an […]

Creative Ways of Reusing Old Toys Into Your Interior Design

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

Old toys can be used as a colorful raw material to make creative decor items for kids or even for adults rooms. Children’s wooden blocks, which were created to drill […]

Creative Lamps Made Out Of Old Toys

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

If you are looking for an idea to reuse your old kid’s toys with sentimental value and that you want to keep, there are some easy ways to reuse them […]

Volcano: Eco-design Workshop For Children

By Neokentin

VOLCANO is a workshop/school of eco-design that produces and teaches children, young people and adults to create games and educational toys from post consume packaging and alternative materials. When throwing […]

Diy: Toys Patchwork Chair

By kivit

I’ve made this chair using a model from IKEA and I used all the furry toys of my children in order to create a patchwork cover as a decoration, perfect […]

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