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Decorative Scrap Cloth Cotton Bag Can Upcycle Memories

This Scrap Cloth Cotton Bag was made by upcycling scraps of pretty cloth and creating a mini quilt on a simple drawstring cotton sack. You can use fabric glue, hand-stitch, or sew it all in place. This features a square pattern, but crazy-quilt styles would work well too!

Upcycle old cloth into a custom bag like this Scrap Cloth Cotton Bag!

This idea would be brilliant to make a fun to-go memorial bag. Cut up outgrown baby clothes with cute prints, or even a couple of old concert T-shirts too. Or, just upcycle any leftovers from other sewing projects. You can hand-stitch or fire up that old sewing machine gathering dust in your closet. Wouldn’t this be a terrific gift for that grad going to college? Give him or her a piece of home to enjoy when they’re homesick.

Decorative Scrap Cloth Cotton Bag Can Upcycle Memories Accessories
This cute bag would be an amazing gift for that grad, someone going on an extended trip, or family/friends moving away. Give them a piece of home and upcycle old material in a fun and clever way.

If you’re sewing anyway, why not make this handy Ironing Board Spool Holder? Or, make a Pallet Wood Sewing Box!

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