Decorative Scrap Cloth Cotton Bag Can Upcycle Memories

This Scrap Cloth Cotton Bag was made by upcycling scraps of pretty cloth and creating a mini quilt on a simple drawstring cotton sack. You can use fabric glue, hand-stitch, or sew it all in place. This features a square pattern, but crazy-quilt styles would work well too!

Upcycle old cloth into a custom bag like this Scrap Cloth Cotton Bag!

This idea would be brilliant to make a fun to-go memorial bag. Cut up outgrown baby clothes with cute prints, or even a couple of old concert T-shirts too. Or, just upcycle any leftovers from other sewing projects. You can hand-stitch or fire up that old sewing machine gathering dust in your closet. Wouldn’t this be a terrific gift for that grad going to college? Give him or her a piece of home to enjoy when they’re homesick.

Decorative Scrap Cloth Cotton Bag Can Upcycle Memories 1 • Accessories
This cute bag would be an amazing gift for that grad, someone going on an extended trip, or family/friends moving away. Give them a piece of home and upcycle old material in a fun and clever way.

If you’re sewing anyway, why not make this handy Ironing Board Spool Holder? Or, make a Pallet Wood Sewing Box!

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