Digital Steve Jobs Portrait

Digital Steve Jobs Portrait 1 • Interactive, Happening & Street Art

We were in need of a few fans the other day for our smell dispenser prototypes. Collin kindly donated an old mac book pro to the cause and I meticulously tore it to pieces.

It was an incredibly humbling experience. Beyond the smooth sheen of it’s outer casing, lays one of the most beautifully set out assemblage of components I have ever seen. It’s hard to imagine the amount of detail, concentration and obsession that must go into the creation of one of these machines.

To be honest, I always thought Mac’s were a bit overpriced for what they were. Not anymore.

This morning, surrounded by the fruits of his labour, we heard the news that the man behind all of these incredible products had died. It seemed fitting to create a tribute to him using the spare components of the old Mac book pro. Every component has been broken down to its most basic form and reassembled into a portrait of Steve Jobs.

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Ro Main via Facebook
Ro Main via Facebook

grrrrr liberty…

Kathy Barton via Facebook
Kathy Barton via Facebook

Love it!

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