Diy : 8 Ways to Recycle Soda Bottle

Here are 8 ways to recycle a 2 liter soda bottle !

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Mario Toledano
Mario Toledano

I wouldn´t say these are recycling methods, these are reuse strategies! (which is better).

For me recycling would be using as raw material for a new bottle.

Hope this helps


come on – that`s not meant for real, is it? you tell us about how to recycle things, and then use these to kill insects or use it for killing plants with poison? very sustainable!


It’d be better not to buy plastic, at all but, if you do, these are some good ideas (except the bug killing/weed killer — I agree with Roland on this) to reuse/repurpose the bottle before tossing it into the landfill.


the better idea is for me “to not use plastic bottles”, or plastic thinks as it is possible !!! THAT is the BETTER way !!!!!!!! i like “recycle” “re-used”… but just with materials like, wood for exemple… the better way to” recycle” plastic (in a world like our world) is using plastic to become another plastic bottle or other things… i agre with Mario, Roland and Linnie :)
Sorry for my english, i am french !!!! :)


One thing I use them for is miniature greenhouses for starting small seeds or cuttings, anything that needs to keep moisture. Cut along the bottom end of the label if u want it to vent or you can use the cap to seal it. Or you can cut along the top of the label and turn the bottle upside down with no vent. Just be sure you cut between the label and the small ridge of the bottle. The bottle will fit perfectly into an Oscar Mayer lunch meat container.

Danielle Desjardins

L’idée première est d’arrêter de cOnsommer çe genre de produit à base de pétrole !!!! De plus l’eau pour produire cette boisson privé Des mexicain d’eau potable !!!!!!!

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