by Maddylane Langlois

Diy: Camouflage Cargo Chairs

DIY Camouflage Cargo Chairs: Have a seat…if you can find it! :)
A great super summer projects to keep teens creative, and perfect to decorate their space with their style! Looking for a fun and unique way to revive old, weathered plastic patio chairs and furniture? Transform them into creative works of art for your outdoor retreat or teen décor for their space. Camouflage plain chairs to blend into nature’s tapestry of colours. By now, everyone must be familiar with the new types of paints for plastic that are formulated specially to revitalize old plastic patio furniture that is stained or bleached-out by the sun. Recycle by rejuvenating these or other plastic pieces that otherwise would be tossed in the trash.
See more at DIY camouflage chair!


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